About Us
Sigma Recycling Inc. is part of Sigma International FZC based in UAE. USA operations was founded in 2009 with a team of young & enthusiastic professionals with expertise of recyclable raw materials.

Recycling is a noble job – saving valuable resources of limited availabilities while creating a whole new industry for employment & wealth creation. Our real strength lies in the end to end management of the supply chain, our services are found valuable not only by our customers but also by our suppliers & logistics partners.

We always go an extra mile to ensure best services are delivered to our trade partners & this is where our repute lies in. This culture is very intrinsic in our organisation & our people.
To collect Resin & scrap with high standards of quality inspection, arrange for the most efficient end to end logistics and deliver it for recycling/reuse, thereby keeping our Earth clean, green & a better place to live for us & our children.