Sigma Recycling, Inc. is a sourcing, inspection and supply chain Management Company for Recyclable Raw Materials viz. Plastic Resin, Recycled Plastic, Metal, Paper, Rubber and Hay located in Norcross, Georgia, USA.

Our wide geographical spread and presence in several markets allow us to provide our suppliers with new markets and our customers with new sourcing opportunities. Our own quality inspectors, trained and developed in-house, ensure our customers receive nothing less than what we commit to deliver.
Our expertise in multi-modal logistics ensures efficient and timely delivery. With our partnership, producers of recyclables and finished products can concentrate on what they do best: produce; while we do for them what we know how to do best: make the market.

To collect Resin & scrap with high standards of quality inspection, arrange for the most efficient end to end logistics and deliver it for recycling/reuse, thereby keeping our Earth clean, green & a better place to live for us & our children.